veni. vedi. cepi. - I came. I saw. I captured!
A3+ and A4 product is made from genuine EPSON archival quality paper and ink.

Masked Owl Print for Sale 5940


Masked Owl Print for Sale 5940
About the bird
The Eastern Osprey is a large, water-dependent bird of prey, distinctive in flight and when perched.
Despite its wing-span of up to 1.7 m, it is noticeably smaller than the White-bellied Sea-eagle.

About the Print
A3+ images printed on Epson Radiant White water-colour Matte paper.
A4 images printed on Epson Archival Matte paper.

This image is available in both A4 and A3+ sizes unframed, and Framed A3+ print framed in A2 Frame with matt.
Available in White frame with white matt only.


Masked Owl Print for Sale 5940

The Masked Owl usually roosts in vertical hollows in large trees growing in open forests and woodlands,
but on the Nullarbor Plain, where there are no large trees, and very few trees at all, instead they roost in caves,
sinkholes or crevices in the limestone cliffs; this habit has led to the species sometimes being referred to as the
‘Cave Owl’, although Barn Owls sometimes also roost in caves, leading to potential confusion between the two species.

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